Q. What’s your average turn-around time?

A. Depending on how busy I am, and the amount of revisions on the cover, average turn-around time is around 3 weeks.


Q. What do you need from me (the author) to begin designing my cover?

A. I like to start by reading the blurb, and having you tell me about your characters, settings, genre of the story, and the feeling you’d like to see reflected on your book cover. If you have examples of other book covers, or pieces of design you’d like to show me as examples, that’s help helpful as well.


Q. Do you offer discounts for multiple covers?

A. Yes! I offer a discount if you contract me for 4+ books at the same time.


Q. I have no idea what I want on my cover. Can you help me come up with some ideas?

A. Yes! But instead of brainstorming verbally, I usually like to create a rough mockup, and send it to you to explain visually what I have in mind.


Q. Do you design anything besides book covers?

A. Yes! I’ve done author logos, book series’ logos, Facebook banners, 3D book graphics, promotional “quote card” graphics, blog tour graphics, etc. Drop me a line if you have a question about your specific project.